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New Features Announcement

A lot of planning, money, and work goes into researching, designing, coding, and testing a new feature. The success and failure of which could impact the future of your entire business. By properly announcing a new feature you can draw more attention to your business, build hype around your products/services, and increase sales. Going about the announcement the right way is crucial if you want a new feature launch to be successful, and in this article, we'll go over everything you need to do.

Tips and Strategies on How to Successfully Announce New Features

Making sure new feature announcements are successful is not an easy task, and it can vary a lot depending on the type of feature you're launching and the sector you work in. Here are some key tips.

#1 Multi-channel Announcement: You Can't Neglect Social Media

Multi-channel announcements, paying attention to social media: these are key ways you can plan a good feature announcement.

A: Increases Reach

By announcing new features across multiple channels, such as email, blog posts, and press releases, you can increase your reach and ensure that your message reaches a wider audience. By expanding the channels you market through, you can reach both existing customers and entirely new demographics that might not be aware of your brand. Feature announcements emails and in-app announcements are both great, but they target different audiences, and that's why you should use both.

B: Provides Consistency

By using consistent branding across multiple channels, you can reinforce your brand identity and make it easier for your audience to recognize and remember your company. This can reinforce the messages you want to get across, familiarize people with feature details that can act as selling points, and encourage people to check out your company.

C: Provides Flexibility

By using multiple channels to announce new features, you can tailor your message to each channel and audience. For example, you can use more technical language in your blog post and more casual language on social media, matching the preferences of your audience.

D: Provides Feedback

By using social media to announce new features, you can get instant feedback from your audience. This can help you identify any issues or concerns with the new features and make adjustments as needed. User feedback is essential for a successful new feature announcement as you learn which aspects appeal to users more and which changes you need to make.

Email feature announcements are important, but they don't provide the same feedback social media does, for example, and that's why using multichannel marketing is so important for new feature releases - each has its strengths and benefits.

#2 Market for Both Current Customers and Prospective Customers

Consciously marketing to both existing users and prospective users can help make your new feature launch more successful by demonstrating value, attracting new users, and putting the new features in the best light:

  1. Appeals to current users and attracts new ones: By marketing to both existing users and prospective users, you can increase awareness of your new features among a wider audience. This can help you reach both your existing customers who may be interested in the new features, as well as potential customers who are not yet using your product or service.
  2. Demonstrates value: What appeals to you in a specific feature might be wildly different from what appeals to another person. By consciously marketing to both existing users and prospective users, you encourage feature adoption within your current user base while appealing to entirely new demographics. This is an excellent growth strategy. Using in-app messaging is an excellent way to appeal to the existing user base while new feature announcement emails can be a great way to reach new audiences, for example. Properly market to both.
  3. Demonstrates Innovation: By marketing your new features to both existing and prospective users, you can demonstrate that your brand is innovative and constantly improving. This can help you stand out from competitors and attract new customers who are looking for a product or service that is constantly evolving.

#3 Getting the Scheduling Right: Announce At the Right Time and Launch at the Right Time

Both making sure the timing of the announcement is right and the timing of the launch if appropriate are keys to success. So many elements of a successful announcement have to do with the timing:

  1. Builds Anticipation: Announcing a new feature at the right time, such as during a period of high customer engagement or interest, can help build anticipation for the launch.
  2. Avoids competition: Launching a new feature at the right time can also help you avoid competition from similar products or services. Launching a new product before your competitors have a chance to announce theirs will help you stand out and attracts more people to your service/product.
  3. Aligns with Customer Needs: Launching a new feature at the right time can also help ensure that it aligns with your customer's needs and preferences. For example, launching a new feature around a specific event/holiday is popular because people usually have more free time. Tho, the right time will heavily depend on the kind of industry you work in.

#4 Document the Launch Carefully to Improve on It in the Future

Documenting the performance of a new feature announcement allows you to identify the metrics that are most important for measuring the success of your launch. This can include website traffic, social media engagement, user adoption, social media posts about the feature announcement, in-app interactions, and more.

By collecting data and analyzing the results of your feature announcement and launch, you can gain valuable insights into what worked well and what didn't. This helps you get a better return on investment (ROI) for future announcements. By understanding which marketing channels and tactics were most effective, you can identify areas where you need to improve your strategy or make changes to your product or service.

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Why is Properly Announcing New Features Important? Is It Worth the Effort?

Now that we've gone over some of the key ways you can ensure a successful new feature announcement, you might be asking why it is important, to begin with. Should you put that much thought into announcing a new feature? In this section, we'll go over some of the most prominent benefits of proper feature announcements.

#1 Proper Feature Announcement Increases Visibility and Customer Engagement

Properly announcing new features can lead to increased visibility and engagement for your product or service. When you announce new features, you are letting people know your product is improving and you can serve both existing users and prospective users in exciting new ways. This can help generate buzz and interest, leading to more people learning about your product and business.

#2 Proper Feature Announcement Increases Sales

If you want to increase sales by showcasing the benefits of your product or service, a great way to do that is through proper new feature announcements. It is an important part of any marketing strategy and can help drive growth and success for your business. In-app feature announcements can also help active customers stay engaged with your product and create upselling opportunities.

#3 Proper Feature Announcement Helps Build Your Brand

Announcing new features can help build your brand by showcasing your company's innovation and creativity. It can increase visibility, generates buzz, and ultimately lead to discussions around your brand and products. Whether it is blog articles or forum messages on social media, this is valuable in helping build your brand.

#4 Proper Feature Announcement Helps Get You More PR and Media Opportunities

When you make a new feature announcement, you can get more PR and media opportunities by generating buzz, increasing relevance, providing talking points, increasing visibility, and demonstrating industry leadership. By leveraging these opportunities, you can increase your brand's exposure and build credibility with your target audience. Feature launches are a great place to demonstrate value and dominate media headlines, and you shouldn't let them go to waste.

#5 Proper Feature Announcement Helps Be More Responsive to Customer Feedback

Through a timely feature announcement, you can be more responsive to customer feedback by soliciting feedback, addressing concerns, building trust, increasing engagement, and demonstrating commitment. By incorporating customer feedback into your product development process, you can create a product or service that better meets the needs of your target audience, ultimately leading to an increase in sales and customer loyalty.

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